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Dec 24th 2006
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11/11/06 Christmass eve dive
During the little expedition in Sea of Cortez, I borrowed Jesper’s focus light. At some point, the light decided to abandon the buddy dive system with the camera. It then gracefully plunged down to 600 ft into the darkness. Jesper took it very well. He was kind enough to order new ones. Unfortunetly, he only got one set of brackets. With no focus light, I used my 18mm, which worked great considering the 20ft viz. For a whole dive, I took pictures of the only subject I could. So here is Jesper and his focus light.

11/11/06 Sea of Cortez
In summary :13 dives later, whalesharks, hammerheads, sea lions, dolphins, then add to the mix, 10 divers from Northwest who consider good visibility 20 feet, sunny skies, ah does not get any better than this. Enjoy the pictures and some Black and whites . And remember Curtis says... there is no current.

Greets to the Belgian divers

10/10/06 Expect the unexpected
Graduation beach is not the most exciting place to dive in Alki. It is a soft slope, and the predominant feature is silt and junk. I would not even call it interesting junk, like the ones few hundred feet west. When Jesper picked me up, it was not our first choice. There were simply too many divers in the Coves and we wanted something quiet. The dive started as excepted… the only redeeming factor was the excellent viz, at least for northwest standards. Then halfway in the dive we found a small octopus. That was certainly unexpected; the critter was under a kelp in the middle of the silt. We stayed with it for about 20 minutes. I guess it wanted its picture taken since it did not move, but as always it so hard to take a picture of an octopus. I have a picture with my glove about 3 inches behind it as a background, since I wanted to show how small it was..

09/17/06 The latest news...
It's been awhile. I went to Greece for summer vacation for August. I was ready for turquoise blue water. Unfortunately, no pictures here's why

1. Luggage limit is less than the one necessary to bring all your stuff in one bag

2. I went through Heathrow

3. I went in on Aug 9th, a day before the airport closed

4. My luggage did not arrive with me. In fact the luggage with half the camera case, and my dive cards did not arrive for 16 days.

So no dives :(
The good news is that I did found my luggage. *AFTER* the vacation was almost over.

So with all the reunited pieces of my camera I dove to the home waters of Puget Sound. Not exactly blue, or clear, or warm but hey, it is home.

My first dive was on Sep 9th with Jesper, I got some ok pictures. The second dive was with my dive buddies Pam and Jesper. Jesper's camera flooded as he entered the water. Surprisingly though, it did not put him in a bad mood. I think it has to do with his deep desire to buy a new setup. It was a great dive and at the end Jesper found another Decorated Warbonnet..

07/15/06 Finally
Summer is here and the Puget Sound can get a bit murky. So I have been diving on and off, but the pictures were...umm.. bad... Yesterday I got a call from Pam and she claimed to have found the elusive decorated warbonnet. Sure enough it was just sitting there posing.

05/19/06 Australia
Back to Australia again. On board of Big Cat Reality

The dive selection was great, the crew was excellent. Jesper and I were left alone to do our photodives. We spend a lot of time around the anchor line looking for small critters. I want to thank Chris for fixing my reg. Also Kate... good luck with your divemasters. Enjoy the pictures.

04/09/06 Back to the Junkyard
Just a quiet dive. Enjoy the pictures.

02/05/06 San Juan Islands
San Juan Islands as in Puget sound :( not as in Caribbean :). We chartered with Island Dive. It was just a perfect day. The sun was out, the water was calm and Mt Baker looked stunning. Unfortunately, 10 minutes in the first dive I started feeling the 46F water trickling in my dry-glove. We surfaced 40 minutes later with my hand was pretty numb from the cold. All I could do is take pictures of the others getting ready for the second dive. No complaints though, what a day to be on the water. Enjoy the pictures.

02/05/06 Oh well...
The hawks loose :(

02/05/06 GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!
Seattle was pounded by a windstorm all saturday. The sun finally came out on sunday morning. Good omen for the hawks. We decided to do a a quick dive in the junkyard back by game time. Eric again found the most amazing tiny things. A sea spider and stuby squid smaller than a pea. Pam did her reef survey and found 3 octos...again a good omen for the seahawks. Enjoy the pictures.

01/28/06 The first dive of 2006
So 2006 begins. It all started with a lot of rain and wind. The waves were high so we decided to go to the more protected Alki junkyard. It is excactly that!!! A site full of junk, and a lot of bottles. Eric as usual found little amazing creatures. (he can find a needle in a haystack) Inside a beer bottle were two gunnels. Few feet deeper and he found another bottle with a tiny octo inside. Most amazing though is that he found a tiny stuby squid. Take a look at the pictures.

11/26/05 Banditos!!!!
It was a gorgeous day for a banditos charter. The sun came up and the sound was calm. We did two dives, Dalco wall and West wall. Dalco can be intimidating as it plunges to 600ft beneath you. With the viz at 40feet, you are surrounded by emerald green sear. The second dive, Pam decided to go against the current, which is ok because we had too. She also decided to go fast. Eric and I were in for a workout. Yet at the end of the dive, Eric spotted tiny octopus which was no bigger than. golf ball.

11/20/05 Return to familiar places
It has been a while since we dove at Alki. The morning started at 7:15a surrounded by an eerie fog. It was supposed to be a two tank dive, but the water was a whopping 48F. The first 20 feet were milky, then followed by a thin halocline (it has been raining a lot). And then presto!!! the viz became better than the surface. The dive was ordinary, but at the end, a little Kelp crab just wanted to pose. Also tons of credit to Pam, who by complete accident, performed the best navigation of our diving life.

10/09/05 The day of the hooded nudibranch
Edmonds Underwater Park is always a great dive. This time we decided to drop at the eel-grass around 15 feet. The park was overwhelmed with hooded nubdibranchs. It was tempting to use all our air taking pictures of them. We had to be very careful of our buoyancy as we did not want to damage their fragile ecosystem, but what a view

07/26/05 Cozumel and the unexpected guest
When you dive in Seattle you can’t imagine water so hot that all you have to wear is a t-shirt. The water was clear, the reef magnificent, even my pictures were coming out decent. And then she came and ruined everything. Emily was packing 135 mile winds. It was my first category 4 hurricane and hopefully my last. Spend the remaining 3 days eating ham sandwiches, no air-conditioning and worse no diving….My very special thanks to the hotel stuff of Grand Occidental that not only kept us alive, but they kept everything organized and comfortable.

05/31/05 The Great Barrrier Reef
They say it is one of the things you need to do while you are still hanging out on earth. It was definitely worth it. The good news was that underwater the view was amazing, I even got a few good pictures. On surface was a different story. Jesper and I got on a great liveaboard named Taka which proved seaworthy. It turns out that between the Great Barrier Reef and Osprey there is a lot of open sea. The wind was strong and the swell… get the picture. My advice is ginger pills.

02/19/05 Finally....
Banditos Charters are always so much fun. The crazy weather continues in the Northwest. Nice sunny days and very cold. The water remains a bone-chilling 46F.The last 3 times we went out,I was having a hard time with my pictures. There was not a single shot worth posting. I used my trusted 60mm this time so finally something... Enjoy

12/23/04 Freaking Cold....what where you thinking Eric?
Our dive buddy Eric had the crazy idea to go for 3 dives in Hood Canal. Oustide it was 39F and the water was comfortably 46-48F. Thirty minutes into the third dive, marked the first time in my Northwest diving career where I just had enough. The pictures are ok, and I am still having tons of trouble with wides.

11/29/04 No Worries cubed
Third time this year visiting Australia. It usually takes 9 hours of flight between LA and Sydney to remember how FAR that place is. Shortly after landing I was introduced to the wet season. Leaving in Seattle I am used to rain...but common... not that much. Chuck was kind enough to take me in a tour to Byron bay and then somewhere next to Moreton Island . Diving was excellent and we enjoyed many encounters with big fish.The icing on the cake was a giant manta that hovered just few inches above our heads. The pictures were not great because I dropped one of my strobes before I even had a chance to get into the water but mainly because I still need tons of practice with wide angles shots.